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At Elite Fitness and Performance we believe that nutrition is a huge key to success. Our programs are science based and research-driven; they are not based on trendy fad diets. You ARE what you eat. The purpose of our program is to educate you on healthful eating for optimum body function. Good nutrition will enhance cell function, maintain/build muscle, and achieve ideal body fat percentage. Food choices affect our hormone balance and general feelings of well-being. Elite's nutrition programs and coaching service will put you in control of food choices through education and support. We will individualize a nutrition plan to ensure meeting your health and fitness goals. Elite's nutrition program will put you in control of food choices through education and support. Our nutrition services range from customized nutrition plans to group nutrition classes. The first consultation is FREE!

Nutrition CoachingPrivate, Semi-Private, and Group Nutrition Coaching Available
Learn the science of nutrition, label reading, grocery shopping & menu planning
Learn to fuel your workout for better performance and lean muscle gain
Learn about the right foods for optimum health – improve digestion, gain more energy,
improve immune system
Get support for the Whole-istic Solutions Recover 21 Cleanse System

  • Nutrition assessment
  • Nutrition/Menu plan
  • Weekly one hour sessions (education/consultation)

This is our 21 day nutritional recovery program; we recommend most clients start with this program to reclaim their health and lost performance through lack of proper nutrition and toxicity that builds up in our bodies. WHY THIS PROGRAM? We live in a high-stress, fast-moving, technologically-advanced, go-go-go-world. While there are many upsides to that world, we also need to consider the downsides. We breathe polluted air. We drink and bathe in water Whole-istic Solutionsthat is not pure. We use products on our skin that contain substances that only a chemist can pronounce. We eat foods loaded with preservatives, chemical additives, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. We are surrounded by products that emit dangerous toxins.

Fortunately for us, the human body is incredibly resilient. It handles all of these challenges and keeps on going… at least until it can't anymore. At some point, the bodies durability begins to weaken, and we start to notice the effects: reduced energy, irritability, weight gain, digestive issues, aches and pains, weakened immune systems, athletes have nagging injuries that do not seem to go away, and the list goes on. The only way to restore the body's ability to deal with the world around us is to Release, Restore, and Renew it. The Recovery 21 Program will do just that.

Detox ProgramThis program comes with a detailed-manual and access to our Private Recover 21 Facebook Page where you have access to lots of recipes that are Recover 21 friendly. Through our private Facebook Page you will have access to many other clients who have done the program or who are currently doing the program. This is an extremely valuable tool to build community support with others who are on the same journey. Weekly support coaching during the Recover 21 cleanse - available free of charge for a limited time. Please call or tobi.fisk@gmail.com to get started on the Recover 21 Cleanse.

Nutritional Supplementation
We offer High Quality Supplements from Whole-Istic Solutions. We have supplements for people who want to be healthy and only put healthy things in their body. If you like taking a Holistic approach to your health you will love our products. We use, take, and recommend, Whole-Istic Solutions Supplements. Our Biggest sellers are the Recovery 21 Cleanse, Organic Reds, Organic Greens, and All Natural Hormone Free Whey Protein.

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